Mother of the Year

IMG_5783I am looking for some kind of way to nominate my wife for mother of the year. Not only is she dealing with a husband who is dying, but she also finds time to do incredible things with our children every day.

I knew even when we met in college that she would be a great mom. She certainly has the education for it. Amy has degrees in both elementary education and early childhood development. So her resume was already stacked before we had any kids. But to watch her give up her days for our children every day is amazing.

Here is a small example. Just today she has somehow found time to do all the girls’ hair, take them shopping for birthday gifts for two different parties that they’re going to tomorrow, paint two dozen Easter eggs with them, play a board game with them, and still did their nails all fancy tonight. Who does all that? My wife.

The other reason I think my wife is such an incredible mother is because she has two great parents. That can’t be overstated enough. Both her mom and dad are smart and patient parents (and grandparents). That gave her a foundation for parenting that a lot of people don’t get.

Most importantly, she listens to our children. She gets right down next to them when they speak and gives them her full attention. You don’t see her on her iPhone plugging away only half listening to them (like I do sometimes.) When they talk she listens and it’s a moving thing to see. My wife plans every day with our kids sometimes weeks in advance. She juggles multiple birthday parties, choir practice, dance lessons, and play practices all in a single week. I am totally serious when I say I want to nominate her for mother the year.

If anyone knows anywhere that runs a contest like that, please send me a link because I’m going to get the campaign going now. What an amazing mom she is.

With Fierce Hope,

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One Thought on “Mother of the Year

  1. Elaine Lindsey on April 4, 2015 at 11:12 pm said:

    You also have an awesome Mother!

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