jimkidsFinding the Silver Lining

Amy here to give an update on Jim. Yesterday he had a follow-up CT scan to see how the chemo is working. If you’ve been following our journey, you’ll remember that his last scan brought good news of shrinking tumors. Unfortunately, yesterday’s news was not as good. The tumors in his liver (the main area of concern now) have gotten slightly larger. I guess we weren’t totally surprised since the blood-work at his last visit showed that his tumor markers were creeping back up. Still, this news is hard to swallow.

The plan of action is to finish this round of chemo (yesterday’s treatment and the one in two weeks). Then a break for the next two weeks. We meet with the Dr. again on August 12th to discuss a new treatment plan. It will still be chemo, just a different cocktail.

Like I said, hearing that the tumors are growing is very scary. In general, Jim has always been the “glass half full” guy, and I am the pessimist. But I’m trying. I’ve found through this ordeal that I just have to keep going. I don’t have time to wallow. My kids need me, and of course, Jim needs me. So, as we digest this news, I am looking for silver linings.

The first positive outcome of this turn of events, is that they are reducing and then removing the medicine in the chemo cocktail that is causing the neuropathy that has been giving Jim such bad pain in his hands and feet. The nerve damage can be permanent, so he will not be totally pain free, but taking the med out should give him at least some relief. Hopefully, that means he can get back to doing more of the things he likes such as taking more walks, working on his book, and playing with the kids in the yard.

The second thing that I am happy about is the break he will get from the chemo before they start the new regimen. We are set to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary on August 1st (and our daughter is performing in a play that day). Had yesterday’s events not occurred, I would have been driving him to the cancer center for a shot that day, and he would have been feeling pretty crummy. So now we can enjoy our daughter’s performance and then maybe we can have some time just the two of us to celebrate our special day with him feeling good.
So, I’m trying my hand at this “glass half full” thing, and hopefully with the new meds the next scan will have my cup running over.
With Fierce Hope,

(photo credit goes to First Moments Photography, 2013)

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