jimamyA Thirsty Man in the Desert

When it feels like you’ve gone a long time without much good medical news you begin to feel like a thirsty man in a desert. You find yourself casting about for any glimmer of hope or good news.

Yesterday was one of those good news days. We met with the liver surgical team at Hershey Medical Center, and the meeting really helped me get some fresh perspective on the status of my illness.

The first thing they reminded us of is just how much my tumors have shrunk since starting chemo. Despite recent concerns that the tumors are growing again and the fact that I have been feeling pretty lousy, for the most part I’ve held onto the gains I’ve made in the fight for my liver. Secondly, we discussed a new procedure that I may be a candidate for if the new chemo cocktail I’m starting next week doesn’t produce enough results . The procedure is called Y90. It involves injecting tiny spheres of radiation directly into one side of my liver at a time. I’m hoping the new chemo and then possibility the Y 90 will buy me a substantial amount of time.

I want these new findings to be an oasis in the desert and not just a mirage. Only time will tell, but at the time I write this, I am feeling very upbeat about my situation.

With Fierce Hope,


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