10 Ways to Stay Gold

I gotta admit, being told you have incurable cancer sure can change what you think about. Death has a way of getting your attention. The small stuff no longer bothers me. It feels like a lightning bolt of truth in my life. I thought I’d create a list of ten reminders for people that may help to share what I see.


1. Never forget that every atom in your body was forged in the furnace of an ancient star.

2. Never forget to be the best listener you know. Really HEAR people. Not just their words but hear that primal message we all emote.

3. Never forget that God may be a woman. I often wonder if Her essence was always more feminine as She gave birth to everything.

4. Never forget that you affect everyone around you all day. Are people better or worse because of your influence?

5. Never forget that arguing politics never made anyone happy. The need to be right is an insatiable black hole.

6. Never forget that young children are pre-programmed to love. Their default setting is joy. All the sadness, envy, despair, and hopelessness is acquired.

7. Never forget that you may have less time on this earth than you thought. Say the hard but true things, take chances, and always challenge yourself.

8. Never forget that you are suspended by an invisible web of love. The people who love you connect with each other and that love is multiplied.

9. Never forget that pride has destroyed more lives than any other emotion. Sometimes we can be blinded by our own stubbornness.

10. Never forget that we are all children on the inside. We are are all standing in our lonely little backyards, waiting to be joined by friends.

with Fierce Hope


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