As many of you know, I’ve had taking the kids to NYC as a bucket list item for almost a year.  Our oldest daughter has been there, but the little ones haven’t, and all three girls are very into theatre just as I was back in the day. Well, a generous and anonymous donor has stepped forward to make this family trip happen. This means that we will have the funds to take the kids (by train) to New York, stay in a hotel and take the kids to see Aladdin on Broadway. The donor was so selfless that they asked that this trip be a gift from Amy and me to the kids. How amazing it was to see their faces on Christmas morning when we told them that we’d be taking them to NYC!

This trip is a dream come true for my family, and I feel deeply grateful and humbled for the help we received to make it happen. For us, it is all about making memories with the kids while I’m still alive. I want them to never forget it.

With Fierce Hope and Gratitude,



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