My Bucket List

My Fierce Hope Bucket List

I’ve had a handful of folks ask me about my bucket list. I approached the entire bucket list idea with some trepidation. These lists often seem a bit selfish and self-centered to me. Often these lists can just become a mad grab at the world’s hollow experiences, and I didn’t want to do that.

However, the more I considered my own list in the face of this terminal cancer diagnosis, the more I understood that it could be used to give me something to focus on and force me to get healthier and out of the house to create a few more important memories.

If anyone has any contacts or interest in helping me achieve any of these things feel free to e-mail me at

Bucket List #1: Get healthy enough to play with the kids outside more. This looks doable for me. Now I just need a day that is not -3 degrees to do it.

Bucket List #2: Finish my book. I’ve been working on a book project that is a showcase of my photography, poetry, and inspirational advice for my girls. I do a little work on it every day but I need to finish it. This one is on me.

Bucket List #3: I’d like to see Europe before I die, possibly a train excursion from London-Paris-Berlin-Rome. I was a world history major in college and I still burn with curiosity about the places I’ve studied. Our amazing Disney trip with the kids was incredible, but not much of a “vacation” for my wife, with three little ones she was mostly in “mommy mode” caring for them. I think a romantic getaway to Europe (no kids) would be bucket list worthy. I’m thinking this would require someone who has a friend at a travel agency to get it all set up, since its a bit complex, but if readers have any European travel tips or advice on travel packages please e-mail me at

Bucket List #4: Take my girls to Broadway. I’d love to take our kids to NYC over a weekend to see a Broadway show and stay in a nice place in Times Square for a few days to give the girls that real New York experience. They’d love to see Cinderlla.  I’d love to take them. We are a family of theatre lovers so it would be great. We’d like to all take the Amtrak train out of Harrisburg PA to New York.

Thats all of them for now, but I’m sure more things will creep onto that list as I grasp at straws to gleen all that I can out of life. Thanks for reading.

With Fierce Hope,


little jim

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