jim and gals2Life is seductive

If I’ve learned one thing during my battle with terminal cancer it is how much life wants to be lived. I went to my girl’s swim class yesterday for parents day and that was brought home to me.

I must live. The way that light reflects off the water. The giggle of my childs play in the pool. An tide of small details overwhelms me. Life is seductive. Unlike the silence of death, life makes a case that we must live it.

My advice to anyone out there reading this remains the same, live life. Soak in that storm of detail that surrounds you. The birds are singing to you. Don’t waist time worrying about the small things. The small things are called small for a reason. Don’t be on the lookout for slights or insults because if you are, you will find them.

Ride above the noise and drama of the half-lived life. Find that spot above it all where you can inhabit. That spot waits for you everyday. It is above everyone. If you live life like that you will pull others up to your level as well.

Medical Update: No new news, I get a scan next week so I may know better after that. Thank you everyone for the words of encouragement and support.

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